Replacement LED rear lamp for Volkswagen Golf 6
Replacement LED rear lamp for Volkswagen Golf 6

Item specifics

Tail Light
Lamp Type
Car Make
V.W Golf 6



Product name:Led tail  lamp

Model No.: T-GEF-183

Application:V.W Golf 6

Features:Angle eye (white)

               Led (white)

The material of base:ABS


AUTO TAIL LAMP FOR V.W Golf 6There are many vehicle lights installed in every Volkswagen vehicle, and among the major auto lights installed at their rear panel are the Volkswagen tail lights. The tail lights are the pair of lamps installed near the outer corners of your Volkswagen's rear body panel. Also often called tail lamps or rear lights, they are the red or amber lights that illuminate as soon as the lights are switched on.

The primary function of the tail lights is to serve as signals for the rear end of your vehicle, warning others of your vehicle's presence especially when driving at night or during low visibility conditions and thus helping you avoid rear end accidents and collisions. Some vehicle taillights are integrated with the turn signals or with the brakes, making them act as additional corner lights and brake lights.

Aside from making your Volkswagen a lot safer to drive, original Volkswagen tail lights also makes your vehicle look more elegant and luxurious. And aside from the original Volkswagen rear lights, there are also aftermarket and custom Volkswagen tail lamps that can create a distinctive look for your Volkswagen. Most popular among these custom Volkswagen taillights is the Volkswagen Euro Altezza tail lights—clear lens tail lights with exquisite designs and elegant frames.

With a great number of auto parts sources that offers high quality and stylish Volkswagen tail lights, you'll surely find it quite easy to find a pair that will fit perfectly on your vehicle and match perfectly with your style preferences. And with the appearance of hundreds of online auto parts sources, finding Volkswagen tail lights becomes a lot easier.