Hot selling Medium Size RR1584 ABS Luggage Box,Roof Box
Hot selling Medium Size RR1584 ABS Luggage Box,Roof Box

Item specifics

370 litres



Roof Box RR1584

Product Name: Roof Box

Model Number: RR1584

Dimensions: 173.5x83x35cm

Meas: 174x83.5x36cm

Capacity: 370 litres


G.w: 19kg

N.w: 13.5kg


*Well designed roof box

*Constructed in aluminium

*With generous loading space

*It is quite easy to install

Today we are going to review the Atli Roof Rack cargo box. The Box has a reenforced lid. The box is designed to fit Atli square load bars, Areo round bars, and most OEM roof styled bars. The lid stiffeners and struts make opening and closing the lid easy. The dual(single) side opening hinge allows you to open the lid from the passenger or driver side of the vehicle.

The Box is lightweight and has a very aerodynamic design that will help reduce wind noise and increase gas mileage. The u-bolts allows you to easily attach the box to your crossbars without having to use any tools. The Box features a built in secure lock, one on either side of the box. The lock cylinders feature a safety mechanism that will only allow the key to be removed once the box it properly locked. This will prevent accidentally locking the keys inside the box.

The Box includes a custom fit light cover that protects the finish of the box while in storage. The roof box is made in the China and features a lifetime warranty. To make sure the roof box will fit your vehicle you should measure the spread of the crossbars. The roof box requires a minimum of 20-5/8 inches to a maximum of 36-3/4 inches from the center of the front cross bar to the center of the rear cross bar.

On the side of the box is where you are going to find your lock. Again, if the box is locked you can remove your key, but if it is unlocked you cannot pull the key out. To secure the box to the crossbars we are going to open it up and operate the clamps from inside the box.

On the edge of the box, above the lock on either side is a handle which makes a convenient place for you to grab the box to open it. Inside the box, you will find the dual hinge that can be opened from either side. There is also a sturdy pull handle on either side, so you can get a good hold of the lid when you pull it down to close it. Inside the box are three sets of tie down anchors that you can use the included strap with to tie your cargo down inside the box.