High quality hot-sale 1200LB/540KG Trailer Winch TW2117,hand winch
High quality hot-sale 1200LB/540KG Trailer Winch TW2117,hand winch

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1200Lb/540Kg hand winch for pulling boat/vehicle onto the trailers.Strong strap and zinc Hook. Winch cover on gears offer a safe guard when operation. 


 Item No.:TW2117
 Rated Capacity: 1200LB/540KG
 Gear ratio: 4:1
 Ratchet Type: two way with neutral
 Finishing available:zinc plated(EDC/dacromet/powder coated available)
 Strap size: 2 inch x20 feet  black
 Package: colored box/pc
 Qty/20GP: 4060pcs


Winches can be installed on automobiles ranging from cars to trucks. These winches are heavy duty and are either manual crank winches, in which the operator cranks in a circular motion to reel the winch cord up, or electric winches, which operate with electricity or a battery to reel the winch cord up. These winches can be used to pull out other cars that are stuck, or to pull out the car with the winch, if it is stuck itself. Winches installed on automobiles can also pull pieces of equipment or trailers behind the automobile at a slow speed, or help to remove brush, stones or other large, heavy objects to which the winch cord is connected.

1200LB/540KG Winch