Adjustable Super Power Emergency Snow chain ECA-6080
Adjustable Super Power Emergency Snow chain ECA-6080

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Name: Adjustable Super Power Emergency Snow chain

Model: ECA-6080


Emergency Tire Chains are legal in all states.  However, emergency tire chains are meant for short distances only and may not be legal when state authorities post "TIRE CHAINS REQUIRED" ordinances on highways.  Emergency tire chains are an excellent traction aide when you are already stuck or anticipate getting stuck.  Their easy installation and removal make them an ideal safety item in all vehicles.

Emergency chains are designed for emergency use only!

Emergency chains are designed for any continous driving.

Another restriction of use is that these types of products can only be used with slotted wheels.

In addition,we always recommende the use of at least one pair per drive tire,mounted opposite of each other .

The purpose of these devices is only to get the vehicle Un-stuck from a parking lot,driveway,side street,ect.

Emergency chains should be removed before continuous driving.

  • Designed for emergency situations,vehicle recovery or short-term use.
  • Made with a V-bar design that provides an excellent grip on snow and ice.

  • Contructed of low-carbon steel.

  • Hook into existing holes or slots in wheels.

  • Adjustable web-strap fastener makes installation evenn easier

 Adjustable Super Power Emergency Snow chainAdjustable Super Power Emergency Snow chain

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