Practical and good quality Wipers AT-0735,Windshield Wipers,car Wipers
Practical and good quality Wipers AT-0735,Windshield Wipers,car Wipers

Item specifics

Wiper Blade
Size: 12 "- 26"
Car Make





Wipers ,Windshield Wipers,car Wipers 


Applicable scope: universal

Applicable models: other






At present the most advanced wiper blade design structure "no fulcrum cartilage wiper blade", using the world's latest materials technology, the use of ring memory metal as the main body structure, a integrated design, no joint protection, the use of more long more joint windshield wipers instead radian, using the entire section full overlap type pressure piece design, can give windshield wiper most average stress pressure, in order to avoid windshield wiper actuator noise.


Product introduction:

1, global initiative for patent universal joint, installation is simple, fast and suitable for various models.

2, pursuit and air dynamics perfect union, eliminate car high speed caused due to wind movement jitter, make the doctor blade for glass wear to a minimum.

3, glue and leaf spring cover of the rubber are using the latest science and technology quality formula, adapt to the different area of climate.

Four, the design is simple, structure light small, the weight is very light, more make the car wiper motor life extend more than two times;

Five, the outward appearance is fashionable, dynamic halfback, let you experience the nobility. Natural high temperament, no and the connotation of the die! Let you experience the noble, clear observation, listening to quiet, feeling science and technology.

6, easy installation, without replacement wiper arm, direct replacement.

7, a variety of specifications for your choice, suitable for all the small cars.