High quality factory price new design garden snow shovel AT-6926,folding snow shovel
High quality factory price new design garden snow shovel AT-6926,folding snow shovel

Item specifics

Snow Shovel



Item NO.:AT-6926

Name: Snow Shovel



Advantage :

1\ It is used in many different conditions.Especially for Outdoor Activities,Snow Days,Camping,Garden,Farming,Military etc.

 2\ High quality aluminium alloy blade and handle,lighter and more comfortable.

3\ The design of four Newton holeson the surface of the blade is according to the Newton mechanics,which can save much efforts.

4\ The advanced painting technology on the surface of the blade makes the shovel more anti-friction and beautiful.

5\ It is more sturdy and durable than plastic shovel.

6\ It can be used in the enviroment of 50 centigrade below ZERO



How to use snow shovel









1 Make sure you have a good snow shovel. Most snow shovels have open ends that allow you to easily toss the snow off to the side.








2 Consider your physical condition. If you are out of shape you should proceed with caution. Snow is heavy and shoveling is hard work - you don't want to risk a serious injury or jeopardize your health. If you have a heart condition or back problems, you should definitely not shovel snow unless your doctor approves it.




Check Engine Light On? Diagnose and Clear yourself.




3.Remove the snow from the driveway and any walkways needed to get into and out of the house. Don't forget the areas around the mailbox, garbage cans and other places you'll want access to.








4 Work toward the areas where you are depositing the snow so that you have less distance to toss it as you tire.








5 Chip away any ice that you find under the snow and remove the chunks with the shovel.








6 Spread rock salt over the cleared area to avoid icing.








7 Sand any areas that remain slippery.










While you've likely used a shovel to clear off the sidewalk or driveway, you've probably never used a shovel to save someone's life. This is exactly what a backcountry shovel is designed to do; therefore, choosing and carrying a shovel is extremely important. In addition to an avalanche beacon and probe, the shovel is one of the big three backcountry skiing and snowboarding essentials.

.AT-6926,folding snow shovel





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